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Woman wanting 3 years ago
64 likes and 17 dislikes?? THIS. GENTLEMEN. This is what makes women cream their pussies and want a man. If I could pay this man for a night, I would. It would be the most satisfying fuck after he made me cum too. Wow, what a hero
are you lot watching 3 years ago
stupid questions like how long to last in bed, does size matter are fucking irrelevant.

Eat her pussy/play with clit, finger her well and good till she cums. Then fuck her till you cum (if she cums again good for her). exactly what i do

everybody loves having orgasms. give and receive, give and take..
3 years ago
OMG what's his name and can I have one? His tongue is literally the vibrator I need..
RM__ 3 years ago
This is one of the most satisfying fucks I’ve ever seen, both got their orgasms. Perfect.
3 years ago
A hero is exactly right. Never met a guy willing to put in anything close to a 1/4 of that kind of effort. Damn.
not so sexy 3 years ago
damn i need this kind of man to eat me
3 years ago
This was cute more than anything lol
3 years ago
That was amazing.
3 years ago
This is the hottest thing.
3 years ago