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Piss! 5 years ago
That is definitely piss . When you squirt it is clear not yellow
JackTheRaper 6 years ago
So tell me, what's it like to have piss all over your dick and on your bed?
3 years ago
Bitch need to drink some water cuz that piss is really yella
Piss 6 years ago
It's piss not squirt she's pissed on u lol
Real G 3 years ago
That’s piss bruh...get you a black bitch they got the real squirt
wtf is this 6 years ago
looked like that niggah hat an epileptical attack
That's pee brah 5 years ago
Haha 5 years ago
That pee going straight back inside her vag. Hello smelly yeasty vagine.... Yikes
yellow piss 5 years ago
fo' sure
Sheikh Sohel Rana 5 years ago
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