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Those hurt 6 years ago
The gynecologist uses those to stretch the vag during exams. They fucking HURT. Kudos to this bitch.
Idiots 8 years ago
You guys are all retarded, it's a cervix, not a penis. Obviously none of you have had sex before or even fingered a girl.
Jadizzle 2 months ago
Wait a minute...I don't see know fish
Are you stupid? 6 years ago
It's called a cervix.
ToeSketter 6 years ago
I would suck and skeet on her toes.
awesome 6 years ago
so fucking pink and sexy
Edgar Alfonse Leone III 6 years ago
John c caserta 6 years ago
Deeper than that
John c caserta 6 years ago
Deep inside
dayum 6 years ago
thatd be great to fuck. nothing better than fucking a loose slut